Tsé níjíkni clan – Honeycombed Rock

The Tsé níjíkni clan is another latest addition to our Navajo clan coffee cups. The late Navajo Chairman Paul Jones is a member of Tsé níjíkni (Honeycombed Rock) clan. Another prominent Navajo is Annie Dodge Wauneka and current Navajo Nation Council Speaker Lorenzo...

New clan: Manygoats clan – Tł’ízí łaní

So we added the Tł’ízí łaní (Manygoats) clan to our Navajo clan mugs. The color of the mug is green and the text is gold. You can view samples of this coffee mug at Navajo Arts & Crafts locations across the reservation in Shiprock, Window Rock, Chinle,...

Story behind the Bilagáana coffee mug

It took considerable time deciding how to tell the brief story of the Bilagáana. It was challenging. The first part is a short history into the word’s origin and use in modern day Navajo. The second part was naming a few well known Bilagáanas, but it quickly...

New cups added

We have added four new clan cups! Tsé níjíkiní – Honeycombed Rock People Kinłichíi’nii – Red House Clan Bilagáana – Anglo People Tł’ízí łání  — Many Goats clan

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