NavajoStore.com started out as Dine Gifts. The idea floated around as far back as 2008, with the idea of having Navajo clan names on one side of a coffee mug along with a brief history of the clan on the other side. The thinking was that every time a person drank coffee or hot chocolate, they would see the writing and it would be easier to remember their clan history. A second reason was to spark conversation among people. A third reason was to show your pride in being Navajo. The goal was to educate and promote Navajo culture. In 2014, this business was formalized as Dine Gifts. Now, it has grown to NavajoStore.com with more features and options. The business is 100% Navajo-owned and based on the Navajo reservation. It is an online store, but many retail outlets on the Navajo reservation carry our products.